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Iconic Five Bridges Tour

Quick Details

eBike Rental (Ages 21+)
eBike Rental (Young Adult 16+)
Personal eBike (Use your own eBike. Must be able to handle tour mileage)
Ride through Dumbo/Brooklyn Bridge Park Add-on route (price per bike)

Explore the Five Bridges of NYC

This signature tour takes you over five of NYC’s most iconic bridges: the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, Queensborough Bridge, and the Pulaski Bridge or Koscuiuszko Bridge

The first one we cross is the Queensborough Bridge, a.k.a. 59th Street Bridge. Then we travel through NYC’s newest neighborhood, Long Island City. The next bridge we travel over is the Pulaski Bridge or Koscuiuszko Bridge, which crosses over the Newtown Canal that separates Queens from Brooklyn.

Once in Brooklyn, we travel through the trendy neighborhoods of Greenpoint and Williamsburg. The next stop is the Williamsburg Bridge, which takes us back into Manhattan, where we travel to the East River Greenway until we reach the Manhattan Bridge. We cross the East River once again back into Dumbo, Brooklyn.

The next bridge is one of the most famous in the world, the Brooklyn Bridge.  We cross that and once in Manhattan, we travel though the Civic Center, (NYC, State, Federal Government)  then the 9/11 memorial, then we ride up the Hudson River Greenway final destination at our storefront on 87th Street and Amsterdam Avenue

Route Overview


  • Private guided tour
  • Walkie-talkie Smart Helmets
  • Important Info
  • Weekend Surcharge of $15.00 (per person)
  • Young adults ages 16 – 20 are welcome to ride their own bike if  accompanied by an adult
  • All tours have a minimum of 2 eBikes
  • Tour route is subject to change because of possible road closures due to summer street fairs, parades, construction, or NYPD activity.
  • Note that all members of my party are knowledgeable in operating a bike and feel comfortable riding around a busy New York City environment. THESE TOURS ARE NOT DESIGNED FOR BEGINNER RIDERS! 

Roof Top Experience

Roof Top experience in Hudson Yards after your tour.  

  • Similar to the Edge observation deck, but without the crowds and long wait.
  • 30 minute access after your tour. $20 per person.

Roof Top experience in Hudson Yards after your tour – Similar to the Edge observation deck,  but without the crowds and 2 hour wait.

  • Roof Top Access: $20pp.

(Roof Top experience is across the street from our starting and finishing point)

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