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behind view of girl riding ebike in nyc

Cruise on our luxury Bikes, making the ride much more enjoyable with much less effort.

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Choose what interests you! We have almost 30 unique tours to pick from.

ebike on greenway by ocean with nyc skyline

No sitting in NYC traffic! You get to see so much more of the city in a fraction of time.

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Embark on an authentic NYC experience with your private licensed tour guide.



So Much Fun! Went Out And Bought My Own!

I would advise anyone from visitors to born-and-raised New Yorkers to take a tour. I grew up in NY till I was 22 years old and “thought” I had seen it all. But then I took a tour with Rick - his love for the evokes is infectious and his knowledge of New York is unparalleled. It really is the only way to see the city. I enjoyed my first tour on a Saturday, I took Rick’s Coney Island tour the next day. I flew back to Miami and Rick helped me purchase my first eBike. Thank you so much, Rick and NYC Adventure eBike tours for the amazing experience.

– davidtechstein (TripAdvisor)
Unique Options To Explore NYC's Vibrancy

For an authentic experience and an insider's perspective, I can't think of a better way to explore New York than this. Owner/operators Rick and Anya offer a huge variety of tours (some 30 options) based on excursions they have personally done for fun, for years, so what better guide than someone with true passion and deep knowledge for the subject? Rick has also researched and planned all routes to maximize use of protected greenways, which is far more pleasant and safe than sharing lanes with other street traffic.

– InterwovenRoads (TripAdvisor)
The Only Way To See NYC!

If you're looking to do something energizing, educational, athletic and fun in NYC you'd be hard pressed to find a better excursion than with NYC Adventure eBike tour. This isn't your "I'm lazy and going to sit on a bus with dirty headphones to sightsee" kind of tour, it's an "I want to see hidden treasures, exercise my body (aka earning your amazing New York meals) and really explore what NYC has to offer" type of tour. Even if you are a native, you'll still find gold. I'd highly recommend doing the tour with 3 other friends so you have a "pack" and can experience it together.

– Anthony R. (TripAdvisor)
Best Tour Of NYC. Period!

I went on a tour with Rick and his wife from the upper east side, down the west side and over to Brooklyn. It was very interesting. I have lived on Long Island all my life and never knew much about Manhattan. Rick knows everything. We had an awesome picnic on the waterfront he showed me sites I'd never seen and explained the history that I'd been so ignorant of. Besides the tour, the bikes were awesome and made it so easy to travel 40 miles. If you want to know NYC and get an insider experience I highly recommend these tours. There are no tours like Rick's tours.

– Neal T. (TripAdvisor)