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Visit the most picturesque spots in NYC on our sightseeing eBike tours! We take you to the most iconic areas in the city, plus some brand new areas you might not know about yet. Join us on an exploration of the city and capture the best photos of NYC.

From $149

This is our signature and most popular tour. On this ride you travel over five of NYC’s most iconic bridges: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg, Queensborough and Kosciuszko Bridges. Plus you ride through local neighborhoods such as: Williamsburg and Greenpoint in Brooklyn and Long Island City in Queens. (Bonus Route includes: Dumbo and Brooklyn Bridge Park) Once you cross the last bridge (Brooklyn Bridge) you ride though Battery Park in Lower Manhattan on the Hudson River Greenway aka, a Bike Highway traveling back uptown..  This tour is a great fun way to see so much of the city you wouldn’t normally see. The entire route, including on the bridges takes place in protected bike lanes, keeping you separated from cars and trucks for a safe riding experience.

From $169

This is your NYC Sightseeing Bus Tour but done on eBikes. Same concept. You have a guide navigating you to all the top landmarks, plus giving the commentary along the route via our handsfree walkie talkie helmets. A huge benefit touring on eBikes is traffic doesn’t exist, you go right around it in dedicated protected bike lanes meaning you get to see a lot more of the city in a fraction of time.  We also ride where the bus can’t in Central Park,  NY Stock Exchange, on the Hudson River Greenway, etc… This  tour is simply the greatest possible way to explore the city.