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eBike Rentals

Quick Details

Step Through / Thin Tire eBike Rental Basic eBike 20mph
Fat Tire eBike Rental Fat Tire eBike 20 mph
Premium eBike Rental 25 mph eBike
eMoped 2 Seater Combined wight under 220 pounds
Walkie Talkie hands free helmet Talk to everyone in your group handsfree via our Smart Helmets.

Explore the city on your own Luxury eBike!

Rent an eBike and explore New York on your own route!


  • Helmet

Bring your own Gopro or rent from us!

Optional  add ons

  • Smart Helmet – $10.00  (Talk to others in your eBike party with our hands free walkie talkie smart hemet)

Important Info

  • eBikes have a range of 20 miles on throttle only.  Can get up to 50 miles if used in power assist 1 while pedaling. 
  • 21 years or older to rent 16+ with a parent/guardian
  • Bike must be returned before store closing.
  • Bike can never be locked up or left attended. Bike must be with you at all times!
  • Every rider must sign our waiver and rental agreement
  • If bike needs to be picked up (Manhattan) – $150 charge. Outside Manhattan $250 charge..
  • If bike Lost, stolen or not returned your  credit card will be charged $2400
  • Damage to bike will be determined upon return
  • You are responsible for flat tires or any other damage to the eBike during your rental. 
  • If something happens to the bike (flat tire, blown motor, etc…, Fold eBike and transport in a Uber back to us. 
  • Note that all members of my party are knowledgeable in operating a bike and feel comfortable riding around New York City.