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BBQ on the River eBike Ride

Quick Details

eBike Rental (Ages 21+)
eBike Rental (Young Adult 18+)
eBike Rental (Adult With teen Ages 16-17)
Personal eBike (Use your own eBike. Must be able to handle tour mileage)
Shared eBike 8-15
Caboose add-on 8-11

Private Chef & BBQ Experience

Nothing says summer like a bike ride followed by a BBQ! This one-of-a-kind private food tour takes you to either Brooklyn Bridge Park or Randall’s Island — a small island located just off of East Harlem/Manhattan. Relax and enjoy the river views of Manhattan while your own private chef cooks up a delicious BBQ for you and your guests.

Kick back and let us take care of your complete BBQ experience. If you choose Randall’s Island as your BBQ destination, we set up camp with portable blowup furniture overlooking the river. If you choose Brooklyn Bridge Park, that area already has picnic tables set up.

This tour can be a romantic sunset BBQ dinner for a couple or just a fun BBQ for friends. Either way, it’s a fun outing set against the stunning NYC landscape!

Route Overview


  • Private guided tour
  • Bike ride to the BBQ area
  • BBQ setup with furniture
  • Food, condiments, drinks
    • Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, roasted corn, chicken and beef kebab, and soft drinks are all on the menu (*alcoholic beverages not permitted*)
  • Tiki lighting (after sunset)
  • Personal chef cooking for you and your guests
  • Photos of your experience

Important Info

  • Children are welcome ages 9-17 to ride with an adult
    • Only 1 bike is available per tour that accommodate children
  • Young adults ages 18-20 are welcome to ride their own bike accompanied by an adult
  • All tours have a minimum of 2 bikes
  • You should know how to operate a bike and feel comfortable riding in a busy city environment.
  • Tour route is subject to change because of possible road closures due to summer street fairs, parades, construction, or NYPD activity.
  • Weekends are very crowded in the BBQ parks during the summer. Please keep that in mind when booking.
  • Note that all members of my party are knowledgeable in operating a bike and feel comfortable riding around New York City.

Roof Top Experience

Roof Top experience in Hudson Yards after your tour.  

  • Similar to the Edge observation deck, but without the crowds and long wait.
  • 30 minute access after your tour. $20 per person.

Roof Top experience in Hudson Yards after your tour – Similar to the Edge observation deck,  but without the crowds and 2 hour wait.

  • Roof Top Access: $20pp.

(Roof Top experience is across the street from our starting and finishing point)

Choose your eBike