Manhattan Art Installations & Street Murals Tour

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Outdoor Art Installations, Murals, & Exhibits

Manhattan is full of unique outdoor art installations, and new ones pop up all the time. This Manhattan art bike tour takes you to many of the must-see outdoor art installations, murals, and exhibits in the city. We spend a bit of time at each project so you have the opportunity to enjoy each piece and take pictures. Take in all the unique and interesting art that makes Manhattan such a picturesque city!

Route Overview


  • Private guided tour

Important Info

  • Children are welcome ages 9-15 to ride with an adult
    • Only 2 bikes are available per tour that accommodate children
  • Children ages 16 & 17 are not permitted on the tour
  • Young adults ages 18-20 are welcome to ride their own bike accompanied by an adult
  • All tours have a minimum of 2 bikes
  • You should know how to operate a bike and feel comfortable riding in a busy city environment.
  • Tour route is subject to change because of possible road closures due to summer street fairs, parades, construction, or NYPD activity.
  • Note that all members of my party are knowledgeable in operating a bike and feel comfortable riding around New York City.

Your Tour Landmarks

  • Chevron down Judith Modrak: “Our Memories”
  • In “Our Memories,” sculptor Judith Modrak has crafted seven interactive installations that recognize “the need to record one’s personal experience”. Visitors are asked to recall a “powerful memory” and then share it by depositing a color-coded stone into one of the sculptures. The colors correspond to six emotions: joy, anger, love, sadness, fear, and surprise.


  • Chevron down Karla & James Murray: “Mom-and-Pops of the L.E.S.”
  • Lower East Side-based photographers and authors James and Karla Murray, who have chronicled New York’s changing landscape for years, debut a nearly life-size structure that showcases images of four mom-and-pop shops that once were in “Mom-and-Pops of the L.E.S.”

  • Chevron down Dale Chihuly: “Rose Crystal Tower”
  • Last year, famed glass sculptor Dale Chihuly brought his first major New York City exhibition to the New York Botanical Gardens. Though that exhibit is long gone, his 31-foot-tall “Rose Crystal Tower,” crafted from Polyvitro crystals and steel, remains. The sculpture resembles a giant stick of pink rock candy, so it’s definitely hard to miss.

  • Chevron down Diana Al-Hadid: “Delirious Matter”
  • Syrian-born, Brooklyn-based artist Diana Al-Hadid is bringing six sculptures this summer as part of her installation “Delirious Matter.” The pieces interact with the natural landscape of the park and are created using a process that Al-Hadid says is “a blend between fresco and tapestry.” The piece is open until September 3.

  • Chevron down Dharmesh Patel and Autumn Ewalt: "Sunrise, Sunset (Revolution)"
  • Created by artists Dharmesh Patel and Autumn Ewalt, “Sunrise, Sunset (Revolution)” is an interactive, large-scale sculpture designed specifically for the site. It consists of 27 aluminum panels embedded with 9,000 crystal prisms activated by natural light and is based on a previous, three-panel installation in Austin, Texas, titled “Hyperprism.”

  • Chevron down Donald Lipski: "Spot"
  • There’s a new dog in town.

    Rising to the height of a three-story building is a 38-foot-tall statue of a dalmatian, perfectly balancing a yellow cab on its nose. “Spot,” a female puppy, was constructed with fiberglass and steel beams in a large factory in Wisconsin before it was trucked to the city,

    The taxi cab is an actual Prius, donated by Toyota, that has been stripped of its motor, and when it rains, its windshield wipers activate.   

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