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Prospect Park Brooklyn Ride

Starting at $149 • 5 Hours • Ages 16+

Quick Details

Our tours have a minimum of 2 people per booking.  If you are a single rider wanting to tour, we offer a 25% discount on a booking based on 2 people.  Please give us a call at 212.262.3815 for the single person discount code . (Excludes all specialty tours)

eBike Rental 21+ Ages 21+
eBike Rental - Young Adult 18+ Ages 18-20 must be accompanied by a parent
eBike Rental - Teenager 16-17 Only available if you meet the height requirements for the mini-bike!
Personal eBike Ages 16+ | Bring/use your own eBike | eBike must be able to handle selected tour millage

This is a long-distance ride to beautiful Prospect Park in Brooklyn. You will ride down the East River Greenway to the Manhattan Bridge. You cross the bridge into Brooklyn where we will pass through Downtown Brooklyn on the way to Prospect Park. Once in the park, you will do a 3.5 loop back to Grand Army Plaza. Then the ride heads back to Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge to the East River Greenway. Ride that greenway uptown to 37th Street where you will take the 1st Avenue protected bike lane back to east 75th Street

Route Overview

  • 80% protected bike lanes/greenways
  • 13% traditional bike lanes
  • 7% shared road with cars/trucks