Orchard Beach Bronx Greenway Tour

Quick Details

eBike Rental (Ages 21+)
eBike Rental (Young Adult 18+)
eBike Rental (Adult With Child Ages 9-15)
Personal eBike (Use your own eBike. Must be able to handle tour mileage)

Sea Views & Seafood

This tour goes to Orchard Beach in the Bronx, riding on some of the best hidden greenways NYC has to offer. Finding these greenways isn’t easy, but with this tour, you will be guided in the right direction. We will ride to Orchard Beach where you can take in some sea views. We will find us a place where we will have some delicious sea food for lunch. After lunch, we start our greenway journey back to Manhattan.

Optional ferry service is available for this tour. We put the bikes on the ferry and ride up the East River to the Soundview section of the Bronx. From there, we ride the greenway toward City Island/Orchard Beach. The ferry would take us to/from the Soundview section in the Bronx and would bypass most of the local streets. The only negative is missing the Randall’s Island Greenway. You can always choose to ride the ferry one way and ride the bike one way, ride the ferry both ways, or ride the bike both ways.

Route Overview


  • Private guided tour
  • Optional ferry service (one-way, roundtrip, or neither)

Important Info

  • Children are welcome ages 9-15 to ride with an adult
    • Only 2 bikes are available per tour that accommodate children
  • Children ages 16 & 17 are not permitted on the tour
  • Young adults ages 18-20 are welcome to ride their own bike accompanied by an adult
  • All tours have a minimum of 2 bikes
  • You should know how to operate a bike and feel comfortable riding in a busy city environment.
  • Tour route is subject to change because of possible road closures due to summer street fairs, parades, construction, or NYPD activity.
  • You can always choose to make the route shorter.
  • Note that all members of my party are knowledgeable in operating a bike and feel comfortable riding around New York City.

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