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Central Park Fast Ride

Starting at $99 • 2 Hours • 8 miles • Ages 16+

Quick Details

Our tours have a minimum of 2 people per booking.  If you are a single rider wanting to tour, we offer a 25% discount on a booking based on 2 people.  Please give us a call at 212.262.3815 for the single person discount code . (Excludes all specialty tours)

eBike Rental 21+ Ages 21+
eBike Rental - Young Adult 18+ Ages 18-20 must be accompanied by a parent
eBike Rental - Teenager 16-17 Only available if you meet the height requirements for the mini-bike!

This is a fast ride through Central Park without the stops and commentary. You do 1.5 laps around 2 hours around beautiful Central Park passing many of the Iconic stops. This ride comes with your own private tour guide.

*If you want to see all the iconic spots in the park with GPS triggered commentary via a JBL speaker, we recommend our Main Central Park Tour. This is a fast ride thought the park only.

Route Overview

  • 94% protected bike lanes/greenways
  • 3% traditional bike lanes
  • 3% shared road with cars/trucks